About me

About me

Are you thinking about what to do for your next holiday?

Here is some information and photos from my holidays, both organised by travel companies and self-planned. I have created this blog primarily to share my various wonderful wildlife experiences but not all the information is about nature-related holidays.

I have linked back to the websites of the providers of organised trips so you can find their current offerings.

Are you interested in taxonomy and the classification of life? 

I am in the process of creating a taxonomic listing of wildlife so that I can classify and arrange my wildlife photographs accurately. This has turned out to be a much bigger project than I initially thought so I have moved it to a separate blog. I have also added some posts about forays and walks I have been on.

Do you like walking?

I lead an ambling group and also go on walks with local ramblers. I have shared information about some of my walking routes here, and will add more with time.

Are you interested in family history?

I have started to look into my ancestors in Norway and have started my a genealogy project with my family tree with a section on locations and a list of useful resources. You can find it here.

I first started taking photos back in the days of film and, for a while, I had a darkroom in the cellar where I developed my own black and white photos, but I was never a serious photographer and the initial enthusiasm passed.

It was only revived when I moved to Japan with my family and I started snapping again. My enjoyment of photography greatly increased when I bought my first digital camera. I can’t remember the make and model but the quality was quite bad by current standards. However, it was great fun to be able to take unlimited shots without having to reload with new film.

On my first organised holiday, a trip to Morocco with Exodus, I used my Sony Ericsson phone and since then I have upgraded to a bridge camera, a Nikon Coolpix. As cameras on phones have so much improved, I now use my phone much more. I am still just a happy snapper.

I was born in Norway and first came to England, by sea, in 1970. Apart from four years back in Norway in the late eighties, two years in Japan and six months in Belgium, I have lived here ever since.

I studied biochemistry at Surrey University and then worked in the pharmaceutical industry before switching to IT where I stayed until I retired. 

I am an organiser of systems and information so a bit of a nerd. That will be why I decided to start my taxonomy project.

You can also find me on flickr.