China #6: Xian

China #6: Xian

Saturday 10 – Xian City Wall

We arrived in Xian early evening on Friday 9 August and explored a local park near the hotel on our own.

The next morning we set off for a walk along the city wall. Xian is one of China’s former capitals, and one of the few cities in China to have retained its city walls. In the early evening we visited the Muslim quarter with its bazaars and Great Mosque. We ended the day with dumplings at a restaurant near the Bell and Drum Plaza.

Sunday 11 August – The Terracotta Warriers

The next day we went to see the terracotta warriors. Unfortunately, I left my camera on the minibus but Naima had hers so I have included a few of her pictures.

In the evening we flew to Chengdu.

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