China #8: Yangshuo

China #8: Yangshuo

Tuesday 13

We woke up in the morning, drew the curtains and looked out on to the most amazing scenery.

The Silver Caves

Our day started with a visit to the Silver caves. These caves are about 2,000m long and the various rock formations were spectacular despite the garish lighting.

The Cormorant Man

I had watched a documentary about the fishermen and using cormorants to catch fish so was curious to see.

The fishermen drive the birds into the water where they dive below the surface in search of fish. When they catch some they return to the boat where the fisherman removes the fish from their throat and places it in the basket. The secret is that the fisherman places a cord around the bird’s neck to keep the bird from swallowing the fish.

I’m not sure I approve. They probably earn more from the tourists than fishing these days.

Li River Cruise

We then went on a cruise on the river Li and finished off with an ice cream.

The Liu Sanjie Show

We ended the day by watching the Liu Sanjie Show. This is an outdoor performance set on a natural stage formed by the Li River and twelve peaks. It was very good but would have been even better if the audience had done more watching and less talking.

Wednesday 14

The next day we went cycling, rafting and walking up to the top of Moon Hill. The boys loved it and so did the grown-ups. We finished off the day with a cookery lesson.

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