Extremadura – Spring 2016

Extremadura – Spring 2016

Sunday 17 April, 2016

Santa Marta de Magasca – Monroy road

A few of us went for a pre-breakfast walk, something that became a habit.  After breakfast, we set off for the plains of Santa Marta de Magasca for our first day out.  We parked up and walked along a farmer’s road while admiring two male Great Bustards displaying beautifully. Unfortunately, they were too far away for me to take any decent photos.

We then drove on to the village of Santa Marta de Magasca where we had coffee. This was a place we visited several times during the week. We also stopped at one of the River Almonte’s many view-points before we had lunch and then returned to the river for a closer look at the wildlife.

After dinner we set off for the village of Madroñera where we were hoping to find Scops Owls and were not disappointed. They were truly wonderful.

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