Extremadura – Spring 2016

Extremadura – Spring 2016

Friday 22 April, 2016

Trujillo – Las Canteras – Sierra Brava Dam

After breakfast, some of the group wanted to have a better look at the nearby town of Trujillo while the rest of us explored the area around our lodge. We all met up again at Trujillo’s famous bullring where lots of Lesser Kestrels were nesting.

We then drove on to the Sierra Brava Dam where we had our lunch and explored this interesting area where, as well as birds, there were lots of lovely flowers and insects too.

On the way back we stopped outside the entrance to Vina Las Torres. This is another great place to stay but on this trip there were too many of us for the available accommodation. Those of us that returned to Extremadura in the autumn of 2018 were able to stay there on that occasion.

Although the weather hadn’t been great we still had a fantastic week.  There were bee-eaters nesting in the grounds and hoopoes along the road and plenty of shrikes too.

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