Finland & Norway #3 – Kuusamo

Finland & Norway #3 – Kuusamo

Day 4 (22 May): We drove on to Kuusamo and had great views of another Hawk Owl. Hawk Owls pretty much ignore people and this pair had set up home on the edge of a farm house garden and right next to a country road. We made a stop at a nature reserve at Liminka on the Baltic Coast and we sat and enjoyed our coffee while watching a Black Woodpecker that was nesting in a big tree on a golf course.

Day 5 (23 May): We spent the day birding around the Kuusama area. In the morning we walked up through the forest behind the ski slopes and in the afternoon we were beside a beautiful lake. The highlight was a great view of Siberian Jays. During a late evening walk, we watched the sunset at Pajuniemi.

Day 6 (24 May): This was another day around Kuusamo. Some of us rose very early for a misty walk around a lake where we spotted some Siberian Tits. After breakfast, we went in search of Red-Flanked Bluetails and walked up a trail to the mountain at Livaara. Some of us walked all the way to the top from where we had a great view.

In the late afternoon Tuomas had a report of a sighting of a Three-Toed Woodpecker and we set off in search of it. Thanks to him, we found it and had a brilliant view of it.

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