Norway, August 2016

Norway, August 2016

Visiting Bo with Naima and the boys

My grandsons are always asking to go back to Norway.  This time it was just my daughter Naima and her two boys, Max and Luke.  Naima’s husband Les joined us for the week-end at the end of our visit. We hired a car at the airport and stayed with my cousin Bo and her husband Torolf in Gjøvik. 

The markers on the map shows the areas we visited.



We walked over Dalborg, near where we stayed, several times. The view over Gjøvik was great.


As it happened Naima’s friend was visiting her family in Elverum at the same time so we went over there to see them.  They also visited us in Gjøvik.

Fastland (outside swimming pool in Gjøvik)

The boys love Fastland, and as the weather was good we spent quite a bit of time there.


Max jumping fom the five meter board.

I was lucky enough to grow up here. The house I grew up in is the first white house facing the pool on the left.

Fagernes and the mountains

We couldn’t go to Norway without a trip to the mountains. It was quite a long drive so we set off early and stopped several places on the way. The first stop was to see the stone age rock carvings at Møllerstufossen, Etna river, discovered in 1961. 

The markers on the map shows our route.

Up in the mountains

On the way back we stopped at a church and then at Fagernes.

Eiktunet, Gjøvik

When Les was there with us we visited Eiktunet, and open air museum of old houses. We also walked over Bergstoppen. Leter I left them enjoying Fastland whilst I walked over Hovdetoppen looking at the old ruins of the hotel that used to be at the top. I remember it burned down in the 1960s.

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