Costa Rica — Days 1 to 3

Costa Rica — Days 1 to 3

Tortuguero — 21/2 – 23/2

Our first destination was Tortuguero on Costa Rica’s northern Caribbean Zone. Tortuguero, which means ‘region of turtles’ in Spanish, is a very wet forested area with a network of lakes, rivers and canals. We had to travel everywhere by boat. We stayed at Laguna Lodge, an eco-touristic hotel, which is located on a narrow strip of land just 650 feet wide on the edge of the park and between Tortuguero’s main lagoon and the Caribbean Sea. Access to the park is restricted and we had to get up early to get our day passes but it was well worth it to see some of the over 300 species of birds, reptiles, and mammals for which it is home.

After breakfast and a spot of birding in the garden, we left by boat on Day 3 to return to our coach to travel to our next destination, La Selva. On the way, we stopped for Lunch at La Selva Tropical where there was a butterfly farm.

Next destination is Sarapiqui and La Selva — Days 3 to 6 (23/2 – 26/2)

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