Yellowstone #5

Yellowstone #5

Days 12 to 15, back at Jackson Hole — bears and beavers

Some more geology

As we had some free time, Carol and I took a walk around the boardwalks and past a variety of geothermal features. We managed to see some river otters and watched an Osprey catch a fish. It was now time to leave Yellowstone but not before we visited the Grand Prismatic Spring. This is a fantastic place.

We had lunch at a nice picnic spot before we set off for the long drive back to Jackson. After having checked back into the 49’rs we set off in search of bears and beavers. This time we were in luck and we had some quite close views of a couple of black bears.

Day 13: We decided to try and find some more black bears before breakfast but none were seen. After breakfast, we went out to the famous Mormon Row Barns and then headed off for coffee and cake at Dornan’s where we also saw some hummingbirds.

Afterwards, we went back to where we saw the bears the night before and they were still there. As we enjoyed our lunch, Roy got chatting with a couple holidaying nearby and they told him they could see beavers from their cabin and invited us all over later in the afternoon to have a look. We took a walk hoping to see more bears and we did spot one a distance away. As we slowly made our way back to the vans the people at the rear of the group noticed a bear just below them. It walked up to the path and crossed right in front of them but by the time the rest of us went back to look it had disappeared.

Later went to the couple’s cabin to look for the beavers and we had some brilliant views of several of them swimming past. As we drove back to Jackson the sun was slowly setting behind the Teton Range.

Day 14: It was time to leave but not before I had a last quick walk round the town. I was sad to go. The flight home was long but uneventful. Back in London the next day, we said our goodbyes to Roy and Julian and the other new friends we’d made. It was an amazing experience which left me wanting to go back.

It had been a wonderful holiday and one I would highly recommend.

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