China, August 2013

China, August 2013

Pandas and Warriors

Once every three years my daughters, grandsons and I go to Norway for the summer. This year they wanted to do something different. We were looking at the family holidays offered by Exodus to see if we could find somewhere different but not too expensive when Naima noticed the ‘Pandas and Warriors’ holiday and, jokingly, said, ‘Why don’t we do that one?’ David and I had planned to go to China on the way back from Japan but the sudden death of David’s father meant we had to change our plans. Since then I have often thought that I would like to go but had never got round to it. After considering it for a few days, I thought, ‘Why not?’

Once we had all agreed to go, there was a lot of planning to do, visas to be arranged and vaccinations to be had. Everything went smoothly and we set off on August 2nd.

The following posts contains just a selection of the photos I took. There are still too many to have in one album so I have divided the photos into sections relating to the areas visited.

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